About Us

We are in the goal of developing our business and today we are one of the best web development company in our field. We work in a technology that are robust, buoyant and highly formative.

Who We Are ?

We are family of 25+ creative representatives who are keen in representing their work. We have 100% customer gratification in any project we commence. That represents the dedication in our work. We are keen in challenging projects.

Our aim is to be the best web development company in this creative earth. A company where workers will have lifetime opportunity to be successful in their professional life. Om infotech is a company where workers will see their own growth as the company exceeds in their business.


Our Story

Om Infotech was a small group and by the time we now have 25+ representatives. We are in the race of constant growth of the company in web development as well as marketing. Our skilled employees are the reason that we are growing in our field as each passing day.

Started from bottom and now we are one of the best web development company with best customer service and marketing field. And still we are in the mission to be the best company in our region.

We believe that with 100% dedication in your work you will achieve your desired goal.

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